Rules and regulations

MADRID CYCLING WEEK is a tourist/sport/gastronomy event for bicycle enthusiasts who wish to share the experience through a tourist trip. In no case, it is a race or a sporting competition; there is no classification, prize or points ranking.

1- Organisation of the MADRID CYCLING WEEK

1.1- Organizer

MADRID CYCLING WEEK is organised by ENPHORMA, OCIO, SALUD Y DEPORTE SL. Calle Canarias 48 28750 San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid. Cif: B85426120 and hereinafter may be referred to as "organiser", "promoter" or "STAFF".

1.2- Place, route and event

MADRID CYCLING WEEK will start and finish in the town of Navacerrada, developing the route through different roads open to traffic, without any restriction by this event and under the applicable regulations regarding the circulation on public roads and road traffic of each country where the event takes place, in this case the regulations of Spain.

The registered participants are obliged to follow the routes marked in the event.

The MADRID CYCLING WEEK is a tourist/sports/gastronomy activity, where we will make the daily departure to the route indicating the points of interest in the road book, as well as the places where to refuel. It will take place on roads open to traffic and passing through towns where security measures must be taken.


The MADRID CYCLING WEEK will take place between Monday, september 11, 2023 and september 17, 2023.

2.2- Procedures

2.2.1- Participants will only be allowed to participate with road bicycles and MTB bicycles may not be used.

2.3- Verifications. In order to be duly registered, the registration must be done correctly.

3 - Admission

3.1 - Conditions for participants: 

Participants in the MADRID CYCLING WEEK must be over 18 years of age. 

The participant must present the corresponding personal documentation and the corresponding registration form.

In addition, the participation in the event of the person who presents evident signs of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics and that could be dangerous for the celebration of the event or for those attending the event during its duration will be excluded.

Similarly and during the development of the event, any participant may be expelled from the event for the causes expressed in the preceding paragraph. 

The use of helmets is mandatory. Participants must bring their own helmets.

3.2- Conditions relating to bicycles brought from their country:

The participant undertakes to use bicycles that meet the necessary conditions of fitness for circulation on roads open to traffic. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from MADRID CYCLING WEEK any participant who does not comply with these regulations.

All participants are solely and exclusively responsible for any damage they may suffer or cause to third parties during the MADRID CYCLING WEEK. 

Assuming personally this responsibility, apart from that which may correspond to the insurance company of your bike (if any), thus exempting both of any civil or criminal liability to the Organization of the event and expressly waiving at the signature of this document, to exercise any claim for these concepts, against the Organization.

4- Registration

4.1 - Procedures

Registration is open to a maximum of 20 participants. 

Registration will be considered accepted once:
-The entire registration system established on the event website is followed.
- The registration form available on the website has been duly completed, along with the express acceptance of the contents of this document and the corresponding registration fee has been paid.
- That the participant has received an email confirmation of registration for the MADRID CYCLING WEEK sent from the STAFF.
- That the participant prints the confirmation email with the legal text, reads it, signs it and comes with a copy to the verifications.
- The registration may be rejected or cancelled, in case of not passing satisfactorily the verifications of the event.

All registrations accepted by the Organisation, will be firm and will not admit any right of cancellation except in case of force majeure, so the no show at the start of the event, means the total loss of registration fees paid, without any right to reimbursement.

4.2- Cancellation policy

Any definitive registration may be cancelled for reasons of force majeure, by means of a reliable communication to the Organization, within the following deadlines and effects:
- Cancellations made before July 31, 2023, will be refunded at the rate of 100% of the registration fee.
- Cancellations made between August 1 and August 14, 2023, will be refunded at the rate of 25% of the registration fees.
- Cancellations made between August 15 and August 27, 2023, will be refunded at the rate of 50% of the registration fees.
- Cancellations made after August 28, 2023, will not be refunded.

* This cancellation policy will not be valid if the registrant takes out cancellation of 35€ insurance at the time of registration that you can recovery the 100% until August 28, 2023 , date limit to get some devolution.

4.3 - Registration fees and fees


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- Companions: 1.500€

*Registration fee exempt from VAT. For the issuance of invoice, according to the current tax regulations (Law 37/1992. Art.69. One. 1º / Art.70. One. 7º c) registrations made by legal entities or professionals, domiciled in Spain, will be taxed and added to the registration fee with 21% VAT, which will have to be paid at the time of the invoice request.

Registrations made by non-legal persons (i.e. individuals) are not subject to VAT, according to the aforementioned regulations, so if an invoice is requested from MADRID CYCLING WEEK, it will be exempt from VAT.

4.3.1- Registration fees include:

The registration fee includes:
- Hotel exclusively for MCW participants
- Accommodation and full board
- High-end road bike ORBEA
- Civil Liability and accident insurance
- 2 cycling jerseys
- Welcome pack
- Cycling coaches and masseurs.
- Support vehicles for training sessions
- Entrance fees to museums and restaurant (Madrid day)
- 1 daily sports massage

4.3.2- Registration fees do NOT include:
- Drinks at the bar
- Breakdown repairs
- Violations of the highway code during the development of the event.
- Anything that is not specified in point 4.3.1.

5 - Payment 

According to the payment system established on the official website of the event.

6 - Force Majeure

The Organizer reserves the right to postpone, suspend or cancel the MADRID CYCLING WEEK event due to force majeure.
Force majeure shall be considered as those circumstances beyond the control of the Organization, due to adverse weather conditions that could result in a lack of security for the event, such as storms, snow, fog, etc.. In such cases, participants will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

Likewise, the causes of force majeure will be considered to be those determined by the competent
authorities in terms of traffic.

7 - The bicycles used in the event will be percfectly and the data provided are those with which the participants
themselves register.

They must be in perfect condition.

8 - Responsibility

The participant registers at his own risk with his bicycle in the tourist event called MADRID CYCLING WEEK. The participant is responsible for being in good health to enable him to face the routes of the event.

Acknowledges that both the journeys to be made on roads open to traffic, as well as the different weather situations that may occur during the course of the event, may involve a number of risks to his person, assuming and accepting them at the signature of this document.

Understands and accepts that in all stops and parking for refuelling, rest, the safety of the bike and its accessories are the sole responsibility of the owner.

Consequently, both the participant for himself or his heirs, or possible claimants, expressly waive any claim against the Organizer and STAFF of the event called MADRID CYCLING WEEK, for any damages of any nature that may cause or suffer as a result of participation in the event called MADRID CYCLING WEEK.

In the event of suffering any type of accident, you will be assisted by public or private health services of your choice or at the discretion of whoever attends you in the incident, charged to the accident insurance contracted by the organisation.

The responsibility of the Organizer is limited exclusively to the organisation of the tourist event called MADRID CYCLING WEEK.

9 - Rules of conduct

During the duration of the MADRID CYCLING WEEK, the regulations governing the use of vehicles on roads open to traffic, by each competent authority, must be respected at all times, as well as the correct behaviour of the registered participants, each participant being exclusively and personally responsible for their driving actions.

Any participant may be expelled and permanently removed from the event who:
- Repeatedly ignores the traffic rules.
- Endangers other participants, also or third parties.
- Who carries out any kind of aggression to another participant, Staff or visitor of the event.
- Not to behave with a minimum of decorum.
- Seriously alter the normal course of the event.

In these cases, the expelled participants will not be able to claim any reimbursement.

10 - Participation in the MADRID CYCLING WEEK will give the right and consent of the person concerned to be contacted for the promotion of subsequent editions of the MADRID CYCLING WEEK, obtaining preference in the registration process.

11 - Basic information on data protection

The entity responsible for the treatment of the personal data provided is ENPHORMA, OCIO, SALUD Y DEPORTE. Calle Canarias 48 28750 San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid. Cif: B85426120

Your data will be processed for the following purposes:
- To manage the participation in the MADRID CYCLING WEEK event.
- To carry out an opinion survey, completely voluntary, about the attention received and the quality of the event.
- In case you have authorised the capture of photographs, display the event in which you participate.

ENPHORMA, OCIO, SALUD Y DEPORTE treats your personal data based on (i) the existence of a legal relationship with you, based on the acceptance of these regulations; (ii) the legitimate interest in improving the organisation of this event knowing the opinion of the participants and (iii) your consent. Remember that you may revoke your consent at any time by contacting ENPHORMA, OCIO, SALUD Y DEPORTE at the postal and e-mail address given in this clause.

Your data may only be accessed by the MADRID CYCLING WEEK team involved in the organisation of the event, and by the entities that collaborate in the management of the event, in their capacity as data processors, carrying out tasks such as attending to participants, receiving registration, technical support, etc.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation and opposition to the processing, as well as other rights recognised by the applicable data protection regulations by contacting ENPHORMA, OCIO, SALUD Y DEPORTE by post, at the address indicated above, or by email, at the following mailbox

ENPHORMA, OCIO, SALUD Y DEPORTE has appointed a Data Protection Delegate who is available to answer any questions or doubts at the above address.

For more information about the data processing carried out by ENPHORMA, please consult its 

Privacy Policy on the web site

If you include data of a third party in any of the forms to be filled in, or if you provide them to the Organisation by other means, please remember that you must inform them of the provisions of this clause and request their prior authorisation to make such communication to ENPHORMA.

12 - Transfer of image

The participant is informed that the event will be attended by photographers and cameras to cover its development, which will be visible and easily identifiable at all times. If you pose for the photographs or remain within the scope of the cameras, you consent to the taking of these photographs/videos, ceding your image rights to ENPHORMA and authorising the diffusion of the images to promote the event, in paper and electronic magazines, websites, applications and social networks of ENPHORMA. In case of not authorising the transfer and the treatments described in the previous paragraph, the participant must stay away from the spaces of recording and capturing images. For greater security, please inform the STAFF of the event and you will be given a red sticker to indicate that you do not wish to appear in the photos/videos. The fact of not authorising the capture of images will not be an obstacle to access or participate in the event.

13 - Final Order. If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be deemed void and shall not invalidate the remaining provisions.

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